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Artist Statement

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Pattie Bowler  Award Winning Abstract Artist

Mostly influenced by color and mood of a piece when beginning a painting.  Rarely does the initial start resemble the finished painting. Creating the conversation that begins between the shapes and colors. Experimenting with alternative objects to bring different results. Mixed-media collage brings texture and variety to a piece.


The greatest complement for the work is for the viewers to relate and recognize objects that speak to them. There are so many ways to experiment: paper, fabrics, stylistic brush strokes and useful art products. A favorite tool is a heat gun and hairdryer that creates lots of texture chasing the paint around the canvas.


The most influential artists in the development of my style with the use of acrylics are Louise Cadillac, Pat Dews, Jane Jones, Gail Delger. Arne Western, and Skip Lawrence. 

About Pattie

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Pattie Bowler showing her artwork at Gallery 113

Pattie Bowler

at Gallery 113

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